EcoJet Cleaning Blast Cleaning and Sodablasting

When it comes to cleaning surfaces with abrasives there are many options to choose from. But the one that offers the most flexibility across a variety of applications is EcoJet Sodablasting.

Using baking soda instead of the more traditional grits and sands, Sodablasting allows tremendous precision in removing unwanted materials without any damage, whilst offering first-class environmental benefits.

Sodablasting is the ‘greenest’ method of removing a variety of contaminates, paints and coatings from almost any surface you might come across without harming the substrate.

Sodablasting was developed in The USA during the lengthy restoration of the Statue of Liberty, whose delicate copper skin would have been harmed by regular sandblasting. Unlike sand, which
must be collected up and disposed of afterwards, and whose dust is dangerous, Baking Soda is harmless – except, of course, to the materials that you want to remove!

One material – so many benefits
Sodablasting is a non-abrasive form of blast cleaning, therefore making it ideal to use in the presence of glass components without the need for removal or time-consuming masking. It can also be used to clean bearing surfaces as it doesn’t abrade the component.

Etch patterns are also a thing of the past as Sodablasting doesn’t break through the surface of steel panels or cause flash rusting. So you can store cleaned panels for prolonged periods without fear of oxidisation.

Baking Soda dissolves in water and oil making it ideal for use in cleaning and degreasing engine components without blocking oilways and water jackets.

Sodablasting is a great alternative to chemical cleaning if you’re looking for cracks in critical components such as magnesium aircraft engines, as it will not close up cracks or hide vital evidence. The dust created by the blasting process is harmless, odourless and can be simply washed away when the job is complete.

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