About Ecojet Cleaning Services Warwickshire

EcoJet Cleaning are a Warwickshire based cleaning company who specialise in High pressure blast cleaning, waterless pressure cleaning, soda cleaning and more.

Operating from Central Warwickshire  EcoJet Cleaning are ideally located to service your needs throughout the West Midlands.


As well as Sodablasting we offer more common blasting processes to handle a wide variety of projects. Using the correct media and partical size we can handle anything from
graffiti removal and stone cleaning to timber installations and large steel structures.

Re-cycled glass media has environmental advantages as it re-uses a waste product and is totally safe for disposal

By using different delivery pressures various finishes can be achieved, from a shot blasted architectural finish on metals to the careful removal of paint from timber and brickwork.

There is virtually no coating that cannot be removed using blast cleaning making it a quick and economical form of cleaning and restoration.

Blast cleaning of steel covered in mill scale promotes a superior surface for future coatings to adhere to, thus providing a coating that will last much longer.

Very fine abrasive can be used to remove ‘blueing’ on welded joints, especially on stainless steel where other harmful chemicals would have to be used.