EcoJet Cleaning Services – Sodablasting

EcoJet Sodablasting is a highly versatile technology that can be easily and effectively applied to a wide range of cleaning or restoration projects. In fact there a very few jobs that can’t be tackled by EcoJet and the benefits are endless.

Building & Construction
– perfect preparation process prior to re-rendering old walls
– ideal for removing paint and dirt from delicate stonework.
– cleans beams and original period woodwork like nothing else

– old paint removed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.
– removes bilge oil film, old paint and exposes blisters.
– does not penetrate protective gel coats
– leaves boat hull’s smooth and slippery
– minimum of water used so very kind to the environment

Vehicle & Mechanical Applications
– strip or prepare painted surfaces without affecting substrate
– minimal masking required – no damage to glass or rubber
– no warping of metal surfaces
– degrease parts without the need of damaging solvents
– removes carbon deposits from components
– clean or strip soft & hard metals without damage or
– restoration of precision aluminium parts without risk.
– ideal preparation for crack test inspections
– no damage to bearings, packing’s, seals and gaskets

Food Service
– requires minimal preparation, containment and clean up
– fast, efficient and cost saving
– access hard to reach places
– In depth cleaning using water soluble baking soda
– significantly reduces production down time
– will not harm complex machinery or sensitive surfaces

Restoration & Refurbishment
– perfect tool for removing graffiti
– use on concrete, brick, metal, glass, aluminium, PVC and wood
– soda is a natural deodoriser that helps eliminate odours
– cost effective due to the speed of clean-up
– water soluble and has NO impact on the environment